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On the Road: 2 Friends and Junk Joplin, Missouri

2 Friends & Junk Joplin, Missouri:


That's right ladies, our girls and our trailer full of our latest boutique fashion and home decor will be heading to our first big event for 2014, 2 Friends & Junk in Joplin, Missouri on Friday, February 21st 12pm-6pm and Saturday, February 22nd 9am-5pm (Get Directions Here). 2 Friends & Junk has quickly become one of the most popular women's shopping events for clothing, home decor, and all things unique and beautiful in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas corridor. Tell the husband that he owes you from those trips to those tackle and bait shows he made you attend with him throughout the years.

We are excited to leverage this event as our first venture into our 2014 road trip, #TheDistrictOnTheRoad, that will take us to some of the most popular boutique events throughout the region. Who knows, we could even end up in your community for a weekend or two. Oh, let the rumor mill begin.

We want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to engage and experience our new clothing, accessories, shoes, and our team's charisma in person! We want to be the official sponsor of that moment when a woman feels completely secure and confident with how she looks. These are the moments when we as a race, thrive in our daily routine and influence others with that confidence that comes only from feeling good and looking good.

More details will be announced regarding our booth at the event and any special event sales special to that weekend at #2FJ (2 Friends & Junk) in Joplin via our Facebook page. You can learn more about 2 Friends & Junk and what all they have planned for their big weekend in Joplin via their Facebook page.

In regards to attending an event or posting up shop in your community don't be shy, let us know where you'd like us to travel to next in 2014 by emailing our team or by posting to Facebook or Twitter with the #, #BringTheDistrictHere. Until then, shop our latest fashion online or in store.